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Content and communications with a certain feeling

Oy Feel Is Good Ab is a media communications agency in Sipoo, Finland. I, Micaela Röman, am the owner of the agency.

I am a journalist, I have a broad experience in radio, tv, internet and daily newspapers. I have worked hands on and have a long experience as a leader – therefore my ability to be in charge of large projects is quite solid. 

When looking for content for different channels, in forms of articles, blogs and customer contact – together we can build a package that suits you and your company.

Do you need someone to do the interview in front of an audience, do you look for someone that can lead a discussion, please feel free to be in contact!

As the agency works in Swedish, Finnish and English I can also help you if you need your documents translated. 

When you want to have more readers, to catch your audience and have more visitors – Feel Is Good is the right agency for you too.

Media and communications agency in Sipoo

Feel Is Good

"I can warmly recommend Micaela for tasks like these."
Media and communications agency in Sipoo


Articles, reportages, columns, blogs and translations

Media and communications agency in Sipoo

In front of audiences

Interviews, leading discussions, radio, TV and podcasts

Media and communications agency in Sipoo


Content for social media and websites, PR and customer relations

Customer testimonials

"Micaela did a really good job starting with the reasearch. Her questions were interesting and she fluently translated our discussions in front of large and smaller audiences.
I definitely want to work with Micaela again when visiting Finland."
Camilla Grebe
"The work Micaela did for me was fantastic. I am more than satisfied with the result. Furthermore, I felt like Micaela listened to my requests and thet she really wanted to be thorough.
Micaela is also a very happy person and easy to work with, this is always good!"